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John Amrhein Jr. at Veracruz, Mexico

John Amrhein, Jr., author

The author holding a bronze mooring ring dated 1734 at the Fort of San Juan de Ulúa at Veracruz, Mexico. The Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe may have tied up here.

Book Cover of Treasure Island the Untold Story

Treasure Island: The Untold Story

Image of book cover

Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson

Public domain image

Map of Treasure Island

Map of Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson’s map of Treasure Island. Note that the treasure was buried in 1750 by Captain James Flint. This same year Owen Lloyd, born in Flintshire, Wales, buried his treasure on Norman Island.

Father Junipero Serra

Father Junipero Serra

Statue of Father Junipero Serra at the Carmel mission in Monterey, California, where he is buried.

1750 coin - Piece of eight

1750 coin front

Front side of the legendary piece of eight. This one was minted in Mexico City in 1750.

Other side of piece of eight

1750 coin back

Back side of the legendary piece of eight. This one was minted in Mexico City in 1750.

Caines Plantation

Caines Plantation

The sugar plantation formerly owned by the brother-in-law of Owen Lloyd.

St. Kitts -  windmill at Caines plantation

St. Kitts Caines Mill

The base of the windmill, part of the ruins of the Caines plantation at St. Kitts.

St. Eustatius from Caines

St. Eustatius from Caines.

The island of St. Eustatius can be clearly seen from the Caines Plantation.

Norman Island Cove

Norman Island 1 

This cove may be the real Money Bay located on south side of Norman Island.

Norman Island map

Norman Island 2 

Map of Norman Island

South side of Norman Island

Norman Island 3 

View of south side of Norman Island.

Man of War Bay, Norman Island

Norman Island 4

Man of War Bay, Norman Island. The hill in background is popularly called “Spyglass Hill” after Treasure Island.

Offshore view of South side of Norman Island

Norman Island 5

View from offshore of south side of Norman Island.

Dead Chest Island

Dead Chest Island

Referred to as The Dead Man’s Chest in Treasure Island. Located four miles northeast of Norman Island.

Ocracoke Inlet

Ocracoke Inlet

It was here that Owen Lloyd sailed away with the treasure from the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. Blackbeard was also killed here in 1718.

Queen St., Hampton, VA

Queen St. Hampton, VA

Owen Lloyd purchased a house in 1749 on the north side of Queen St. within a hundred yards of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

St. Eustatius

St. Eustatius 1

Owen Lloyd was imprisoned here in late November of 1750 and sentenced to hang. He later escaped. On the court yard looking south.

St. Eustatius

St. Eustatius 2

View of the fort set on top of cliff.

View of St. Eustatius from Fort Brimstone, St. Kitts

St. Kitts – St. Eustatius.

View of St. Eustatius from Fort Brimstone, St. Kitts.

St. George's Basseterre

St. George’s Basseterre.

Alan Stevenson, the great grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson, was buried in this churchyard in 1774.

Veracruz Franciscan Mission

Veracruz Franciscan Mission

Father Juniperro Serra would have stayed here after landing in Veracruz. Part of the book was written here during the author’s stay. It is now a Holiday Inn.

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