Reviews of Treasure Island

“What an adventure! The author's thorough research and meticulous attention to detail is skillfully woven with humanizing snippets of information that bring his historical characters to life.  The reader, with any interest in harsh maritime life on the high seas on the Caribbean and Atlantic seaboards in the mid 18th century, gets a tantalizing glimpse into how challenging it must have been. The real joy to any St. Christophile is, of course, the fascinating "behind the scenes" tour of the making of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. The links to the Caines Plantation, Dieppe Bay and downtown Basseterre all bring Mr. Stevenson's story to life in a way not imagined by the author but much appreciated by anyone with an interest in the history of the island.” 

—Daisy Mottram, Honorary Secretary, St. Christopher (St. Kitts) National Trust

“John Amrhein’s Treasure Island: The Untold Story is a superlative example of historical fact being well balanced through the use of fictional narrative in order to create a dialogue animating the truth behind Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Above and beyond the intensive research that Amrhein conducted to develop the entire story, as well as his uncanny ability to connect events and people through time, this work is also a genuine contribution to the scholarly field of knowledge about maritime history during the 18th century. Ultimately, Amrhein’s work serves as a compendium of historical fact and events surrounding a story that has captured the imaginations of both young and old for nearly a century and a half.”

—James Perry, Archivist & Historian, Monterey County Historical Society

“Tales about Ocracoke Island, Hyde Co., North Carolina have always been of interest to us. This one is fascinating. Not only does this story bring Treasure Island alive in an exciting new way but documents Ocracoke’s contribution to one of the greatest adventure stories of all time. It is a privilege and a pleasure to recommend this intriguing book.”

—Isabelle Homes, President, Hyde County Historical & Genealogy Society

“Anyone interested in piracy and Stevenson’s Treasure Island will enjoy it and find new material and a fresh perspective.”

—Dr. Patrick Scott, Director, Irvin Department of Rare Books & Special Collections
(includes the Robert Louis Stevenson Collection)
and Distinguished Professor of English, Emeritus, University of South Carolina

“The story would have been known to Stevenson’s ancestors who lived in St. Kitts. The narratives that would have entered family oral tradition may have inspired a great deal of the fiction that Stevenson created in Treasure Island. Treasure Island: the Untold Story is another page in the island’s mostly unknown history.”

—Victoria O’Flaherty, Director, The National Archives of St. Kitts

Treasure Island: The Untold Story is a well written, thoroughly researched, unbiased tale of intrigue, treachery, passion, love, and real-life decisions. The history is well presented and the accompanying photographs, documents, and prints let the reader go back to the past and relive this great sea adventure. I can truly say that this the best book I have ever read about pirates! Read it and you will relive it!”

—Charles George, Wreck Diving Magazine